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Bachata, originally from the Dominican Republic, has taken over the world by storm as Salsa's little sister - every Salsa party you go to, you will also be hearing Bachata tunes, so time to know some of those steps as well.


Saying that, Bachata doesn't just focus on steps these days - the more popular modern Bachata ("Bachata Sensual") integrates a lot of playful body movements into the dance, requiring good connection of the dance partners in order to letting them move as one. 

Music-wise, compared to Salsa, Bachata music is often a lot slower and more romantic nowadays, letting the dancers relax even more and drift off into another dance dimension where they can leave their every day troubles behind.

Bachata Sensual being the most popular style, the other main style to mention is traditional "Dominican Bachata" which incorporates busy footwork and has more upbeat traditional music and flair. 

At Latin Soul we teach mostly Bachata Sensual as it is more popular and it matches a wider variety of music. 

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