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Originally from Angola, Kizomba is a dance which derived mainly from Angolan Semba. With its strong beats and African rhythms it has gained a lot of attention and popularity in the last few decades and is still getting more popular every day. Trying to adapt and match those newly added rhythms, Semba dancers started to amend their Semba steps according to the tempo and flavour of the Kizomba beats, creating Kizomba as we know it.

Dancing Kizomba is a very different experience with two people having to move as one to make the magic happen - trusting and connecting with your partner will make you enter into an meditative state that you won't want to leave again. 

As we don't dance Kizomba that much in the bottom of the South Island, we only offer Beginners classes at this stage. If the demand increases, we will hopefully be able to extent our Kizomba class offers for you.

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